What Does it Mean When a Stray Cat Comes to Your House?

What Does it Mean When a Stray Cat Comes to Your House?

When you find a cat by your house wandering in search of food, it’s probably a stray cat. You can tell whether or not it’s a stray cat or feral cat because feral won’t come close to you. If it’s a stray cat have a nice look at her if her ribs are visible and seems weak it means she’s really hungry and badly in need of food, if it’s a lost pet it will not hesitate to come near humans and you can have her send over to the shelter where she might be handed back to the owners looking for her and if it happens to be a feral she will eat food you give to her but run away and act shy as you approach her.

What to do initially?

First you have to make sure that the cat is not a lost pet because if you don’t one day a person might come in claiming your cat to be his pet. So, do some digging before actually taking her in check for lost cat’s posters, take her to the shelter, to a vet see if someone recognizes her to be a client’s pet. You can have her scanned for microchips as they as the easiest way to identify a pet if no one claims her to be his pet then you are first in the line to adopt her.     

Should you adopt her? 

 If you feel kindness for the stray cat and are willing to take care of her then you should consider keeping her away from your pets as she might have a disease that may be contagious. you can later bring her to a vet and get her examined for diseases also get her vaccinated. Also, keep your children [if any] away from the stray cat as she might attack to a sudden response from humans because stray cats aren’t used to being close to humans but eventually come around.

 Next, if you have considered what it takes to adopt a stray cat you can bring her home. she might not stay as stray cats are not used to living indoors so she might wander off again if she sees another familiar cat or prey. Initially, you can keep her in that part of the house where she can’t make much of a mess. she might poo where ever you keep her so keep her on a folded old blanket or towel to sleep on. you can train her for a litter box later.

Adjusting to Live with The Stray Cat

Once you start living with the cat she will adjust to living with you in a month or two which depends on several factors such as the age of the cat state of her wildness, her attitude towards humans, the extent of love you give her, etc. smaller the age faster will be the taming process. Be patient as it is the most difficult part for both of you. she might not like to be indoor all the time and might not like the food you give her.

You can start to play around with her and take care of her and love her as a pet and she will become a part of your life in no time. In a reasonable amount of time cat will no longer be a stray cat but a loving pet who’s playful. Feral cats are hard to tame if they have been in the wild for too long. This is because they have learned to be independent and prefer free will among other needs so they won’t stay indoors at all.

The best option is to take a kitten of 5 to 6 weeks mature enough to survive on his own without his mother. you can bring toys for her to play with also increase socializing with her in your free time, play around with her, and make her feel at home. Avoid eye contact with her in the early days as she may find it threatening. keeping an adult feral cat is not advised because she can’t be fully tamed and will always have her hunting skills to chase the mice around the house or threaten the lives of birds they might see. You should consider this threat if you are already keeping birds at your house.

The key to pet a feral cat is cat food. You have to give her food regularly at the same spot for several days a week moving food spot closer to you as the time passes. When you finally feel that she is comfortable having you around you can try feeding her from your hands and slowly rub your palm on her head and slowly get her used to it.

You should also consider not to mess with her happy socialized colonial life and just fulfill her food needs and let her be happy where she is. Because once a stray cat has lived a life outdoors she might never want to be a pet and perhaps it might be in best interests for both of you to keep it that way but if she does show a soft side and wants to move in I guess then it’s your lucky day.

Can a Feral Cat Become a House Pet?

Once you and the cat have become buddies you can name her and have a nice collar around her neck also a microchip used to locate her if she gets lost. You can make her comfortable by keeping your home heated as cats prefer to be in a warm cozy environment. One of the best cat houses is a tree cat house. if you have any trees close to your house you can build a small tree house for your pet.

A treehouse is good in a way that cats have to first climb up to the tree before going home so they don’t get lazy. Also, cats enjoy climbing so it’s kind of their dream home. The treehouse is also better in a way that this way you keep her out of the house so she doesn’t cause much of a mess while you are at work.

Will a Feral Cat use Litter Box?

If its cold outside or you decide to keep her inside then you can prepare a litter box for your cat where she can poo in peace. It should be a decent-sized box with some mud soft clay and some leaves to make it more natural for the cat. The cat is to be placed in the box after 20 minutes of eating and at times you think she needs to.

You should keep the litterbox clean as some cats might refuse to poo in the dirty box and instead poo around the box. Also make sure that the cat is trained to use the litter box and not space where the box is placed. Give her some privacy while in a litterbox. You don’t like to poo with an audience and so does your cat, so place the litter box in a location where the cat can poo in solitude.

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