How Do I Prepare My House for a Cat?

How Do I Prepare My House for a Cat?

A cat can live up to 15 years if it’s healthy. If you are planning to bring home a kitty or a cat, keep in mind a similar duration of the commitment. Preparing your house for a cat can be fun. You won’t have to make any changes, but giving that cute little animal a place of its own is a great gesture of love.
Here are a few things you need to do. Prepare My House for a Cat

What to Put in a Cat’s Room?

Prepare My House for a Cat a cat’s room is your cat’s personal space do you need to put all that your cat needs in its room.

Scratch Post:

If you want to save your furniture, walls, and rugs from getting scratched by your cat, you should invest in a cat scratch post. A cat scratch post can save your stuff and give your cat a nice place to scratch. Save your couch and let the cat get the job done with a scratch post in its heated cat house.

Cat’s Corner:

A cat’s corner is a place where you can keep your cat and where it can go to for some quality time alone. Moving in with you can be an overwhelming experience for your cat, as long as the cat gets a room, it can stay in its territory when it wants to. It does not have to be a proper bedroom or a pet room, any place that your cat feels comfortable inside of, can be its territory. You can designate a laundry room, closet, or bathroom for the cat. Make sure that the place is cozy and heated, if it is not heated then consider another place.

Cat Tree House:

Cats are luxurious animals and they love to be treated that way too. If your house has a nice lawn outside and a tree, then plan for a treehouse. Because cats are hunters by nature, they love to be physically active. Making a cat tree house for your cat will let the cat go through some physical activity regularly as it will climb the tree and get off. This will keep the cat healthy and active.

A cat tree is an amazing place, not only will it be a cute little place for your cat, your cat will thank you for understanding its needs for a personal happy place.

Move Away Your Fragile Stuff:

Because the cats are used to climbing furniture, countertops, and almost anything, you need to move the expensive and fragile art pieces away. Care for the fragile décor and put it higher or pack them up until your cat is staying or else get ready for it to be broken sooner!

Nevertheless, having a cat around your house is an amazing experience that you don’t want to miss. You will get used to the kitty knocking over your stuff in no time. Call it a bad kitty and tell off the kitty nit to do that again. It may understand and won’t do it for a while.

A Place by the Window

Cats love a place by the window, if you have a cat and your cat likes to sit by the window, it is an amazing opportunity. Cats enjoy to watch what is happening outside, it is like watching a show for them. To help your cat have the best care and love you plan to give it some time and love but it needs activities and hobbies.

Is Leaving a Cat in a Bedroom Alone Bad?

Cats are low-maintenance animals and they have been known for staying independent. Although they can survive on their own, they do feel lonely at times. Separation anxiety is common in dogs and they value a loving owner. If cats stay alone for long periods and don’t get the love and care they desire to have in a while they can get anxiety too.

In our modern world, it has become okay to leave a cat alone at the house during the day when going to work. Some cats don’t mind staying alone at home like humans but others may feel lonely and anxious. If your cat is frustrated from being alone for a long time, it will act clingy and this behavior will be noticeable. It may meow a lot of won’t use a litter box, at worst it may stop eating well and get skinnier day by day.

Can My Cat Live in My Bedroom?

Your cat would want to stay around you, so letting your bedroom door open, means it can come in to stay with you. Keeping a cat all day in a room is not a good idea because they do need some space to move around and don’t get bored all day sitting in one place.

You can keep a cat in your bedroom but not all day long. Having a feline companion feels good and you would love to bring it into your bedroom. Sharing your bed with the cat will give you and the cat, a sense of security emotionally and physically.  Cathouse outdoors is not a great idea if it’s cold, you should keep the cat at a place which is heated and comfortable to sleep.

You can purchase a heated cat house if you don’t want it to stay in bed with you or if it is not comfortable sleeping in the bed. The best cat house is the one that the cat selects itself, so let the cat decide where it would like to spend the night.

Where Should I Put My Cat’s Bed?

Making the cat sleep in your bed will allow the cat to have a warm bed at night and feel cozy. It will save you the cost of buying a cat house but there are some negative points of this too that you should consider. Sharing your bed with a cat is not only comforting and gives you warmth but it is also very soothing to listen to the cat’s breathing pattern at night. It can help fall asleep faster.

You can put the cat’s bed anywhere warm and comfortable. But the ideal location is a place where the cat feels comfortable. If your cat feels comfortable and stays in the bedroom for longer, you can put your cat’s bedroom there. Do not put the cat’s bed away from you unnecessarily. If the cat does not like to stay in a room where you want it to, it will have a hard time sleeping in the room too.

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