top 10 best outdoor cat house Buyer's Guide

top 10 best outdoor cat house Buyer’s Guide

Cats are perhaps one of the most beloved animals on this planet, these carnivorous mammals have been domesticated ever since the beginning of times. From being the favorite animal in the Ancient Egyptian empire and having an entire monument being made on them, the Sphinx which has the head of a cat.

These feline creatures are still one of the most favorite domesticated animals for many people, I mean who doesn’t love some fluff? Dogs might be considered as man’s best friend but despite the fact that cats just want to sit in a corner and judge the whole world people keep choosing them over and over again, nonetheless, there is no comparison between these two absolutely lovely creatures.

Fun Fact: if treated right 50% of cats choose human interaction over food, toys, and scent! One more interesting thing about these cute little fluff balls is that they don’t depend on their owners for security, weird right? This is exactly why they don’t get so hyper and excited like dogs! They do love their human parents a lot but don’t expect way too much expression. We do love to express our love to them by giving them the best treats and cutest little houses in our homes. For those of us who aren’t very comfortable with the idea of a cat in our house, 24/7 outdoor cat houses are a great option!

Let’s find out a little about the “best outdoor cat houses!”.

What is an outdoor cat house?

Cats are resilient creatures and they don’t usually rely on their owners for safety and security but domesticated cats require great care and comfort since they are not used to the harsh environment of the outside world. Many people prefer keeping these balls of fluff inside their homes; however, some of them are skeptical about keeping them inside the house because when some of these cats are not well trained, they tend to scratch the furniture which results in damage to the furniture.

Another problem faced is sometimes the cats come in heat due to which they go and pee at random places to mark their territories which results in a really bad odor. Due to these reasons outdoor cat houses come into play these protective house type structures are not just a place for the cats to sleep but they are also an experience for the cats, these houses have little obstacles and climbing hurdles which makes the whole experience really interesting for the cats furthermore these cat houses have cat scratchers which save the house furniture from being scratched by our fluffy fellow. The best part about outdoor cat houses is that they are not just for the pets but also any feral cats that won’t leave our garden so in order to provide them with shelter in case of harsh

weather situations we can put them in our garden so that they can take shelter there and we won’t have to take them in our houses.

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3 best outdoor cat houses

Here are the top three picks for outdoor cat houses!
Outdoor cat houses come in all sizes and styles we will be talking about three of the best cat houses we could find. We hope that these perfectly fit our cat’s needs and achieve the purpose we’re buying them for. Each cat house has a different rating and different kind of perks that makes the user choose them for the needs they satisfy.

Outdoor house 1

This outdoor cat house from Petsfit store has the second-best rating(333) on online platforms this is because of its superior build quality and what it has to offer not only does it have amazing build quality it is waterproof and is a cat house for multiple cats. 1-3 cats can easily live in this house which even has a balcony for cats to go on in case of extreme weather conditions. This makes them safe when there is a lot of rain they can use the ramp and go up on the balcony. This cat house offers a lot more than any other single-storied cat house can, it comes in two colors and offers unique perks like easy entrance and escape.

Outdoor house 2

Rockever store is the highest rated cat house seller on amazon with 538 ratings it depicts the amazing build quality and benefits that it provides to the cats and the owners. This cat house has countless perks the most important of them being that it is waterproof and can be last outside in extreme weather situations. This means that it is the perfect cat house for feral cats as well as pet cats. These cat houses come in two options one of them is a multi-storied option that can accommodate three to four cats at a time. Not only does is this cat house easy to assemble and clean but it comes with two warm mats this one of the best things about this cat house.

Outdoor house 3

This is another house from the rockever store with a similar rating however this cat house has a unique design and an appeal different from any other cat house on the market. It specializes in small animals only and can fit three to four cats if we choose the multi-storied option. The cat house has a really cat-friendly design and in general, provides a sense of security to feral or pet kittens. If you are looking for a cathouse for your kittens then this one is a perfect choice. Its design and aesthetics are also appealing and that is why it maybe be a go-to choice for many people.

Outdoor cat houses are something that is in good demand nowadays since many people have pet cats and they are one of the favorite pets for many people, everybody desires to give them a good life whether it is through providing them with adequate food but safety and security by giving them a proper house to live in is one of the biggest things. These cat houses come in every shape and size they can be bought according to the needs of the user. The different kinds of cat houses include heated, waterproof, winter, and ones for multiple cats. Each of them has different features and fulfills a different kind of need.

A variety of cat houses are available for your cats. We found the best ones for you! Let’s check them out.

Best Multistory cat house for the Feline king of your house!

This royal multistory cat house has something far more to offer than just a normal cat house. One of the biggest benefits of this cat house for multiple cats is that it is really easy to assemble. Usually, multistory cat houses are difficult to set up but this one comes with holes pre-drilled and all parts are included, once set up it will never split or fall apart. Not only is it strong and durable the house has an aesthetic design that not only looks really good to the feral cat but also is really easy to clean. The multistory cat house makes it easier for three to four feral or pet cats to stay in the house when it is raining outside. This multistory cat house comes with two warm mats one for each floor which makes it perfect for the cats to rest in it.

Large outdoor cat house for the big fluff ball of your house!

A large outdoor cat house is one that perfectly fulfills each and every need of the cats. They should be spacious enough for kittens and a big cat to easily fit in. not only should they be spacious but they should also be very well insulated so that during winters the kittens can stay warm. The purpose of a large outdoor cat house is to ensure that 3-4 feral cats or pets can stay in there easily. Be it multi-storied or very big it should be able to accommodate many cats so that the cats would not have to find shelter inside the homes of their owners. Some of the other large cat houses have balconies instead of two stories because the cats feel more comfortable sitting and relaxing on the balconies rather than living in a covered space.

Heated outdoor cat house for when it gets too cold for your baby!

One of the most used and sought after cat house is a heated one because many people live in extremely cold regions the cat houses they want to buy for their beloved animals are heated. These houses are also suitable for feral cats as well as pets because the pet cats can live in their owner’s houses too during extreme winter temperatures the stray cats usually don’t have any heated house to live in and they suffer due to this. This heated cat house provides a perfect abode for these strays who can live here during nights. If some people are not interested in keeping these stray inside their house as they aren’t usually vaccinated or might be carrying some kind of disease but still want to provide for them. This cat house is heated and can be unheated during summers is the perfect choice for these feral cats as they are the ones that need the most help during winters. The heated cat house has similar features as the normal ones they provide adequate living space with and are also weather resistant which they can kept anywhere

Winter-proof Outdoor cat houses!

Winter is considered as one of the harshest times of the year and that requires us to take special care of our pets and the stray animals that we see. Since it is so cold and most of us have temperature controlling devices installed in our houses we need to provide something similar to our pet and feral cats. This wooden cat house is one of the best in the market for this sort of need it not only provides a perfect house for the cat but this cat house for winters has one of the best insulation and build quality. The wooden structure allows for the temperature of the cat house to stay normal and the build which is lifted upwards from the ground allows for proper insulation. The weatherproof solid pine construction maintains the temperature and is weather resistant. The floor is also raised so that air can circulate and any portion that gets wet is dried. This outdoor cathouse for winter can be used year-round and is suitable for even dogs.

For when it gets too rainy, Waterproof Outdoor cat house

The main purpose of buying an outdoor cat house is that it can provide a shelter to the feral cats and the pet cats but if these houses are not waterproof then there is no benefit of buying and spending so much money on them. The petsfit store has the perfect answer to this there waterproof cat house is one of the best in the market, not only does it provide a really spacious and comfortable home for the animal but it also is waterproof which makes it perfect for outdoor use. In extreme rain or snow this cat house won’t let the animals get wet and if the place is flooding or the water level rises too much the kittens or the cat can sit on its roof.

Outdoor cat house for the big feline family!  

Cat owners usually have two cats however some of the owners even have more than two cats and that’s why they sometimes need outdoor cat houses that can accommodate more than 2 cats. K and H pet products have the highest rated cat house for multiple cats it is extra wide and also heated. Not only is it easy to assemble but it provides adequate living space for the cats. These cat houses have heated beds inside which have one year of warranty. Feral cats can also live in these outdoor cat houses when it is really cold as these outdoor houses are weather resistant.

By now you must be wondering with all this talk about outdoor cat houses, we still don’t know what specific place in the outdoors is ideal for an outdoor cat house. Well, there is actually no specific place to put an outdoor cat house; however, places that are near to your house should be preferred as that way you can always keep a check on your cats. Although, if someone is looking to buy a cat house for feral cats then they should put the cat house in front of their house or wherever that cat stray cat comes for their daily visits. Preferably, they should be put in places wherein in situations of extreme weather the cats can easily see the cat’s house and take shelter in it. If the cat house is not waterproof or weather-resistant then it should be put somewhere under a shelter. For cats that are pets and usually spend most of their time inside the owner’s house but have the habit of sleeping in barns and garages there cat houses should be placed over there so that they only sleep in them and not in an unsafe place.

What do you put in an outside cat house?

Here’s some thing you can do for your cute little family member! The best things to put in an outside cat house can be things like cat food and water. As most of the pet and feral cats have to be trained well, eating at their appropriate place is an integral part of doing this when cats have proper training they will eat only in their houses and any mess that can be created will only be created over there. Other things that can be put in cat houses are warm mats, some of the cat houses come with these but if they don’t then we can put them there as cats like a warm bed to sleep in. Furthermore, when it is extremely cold the cat houses can be heated so that our beloved pet kittens can stay warm however we need to make sure that heating elements won’t harm them in any way. Spoil them a little with some toys too!

Best way to heat outdoor cat house

You must be worried about your feline family member in these chilly December blues. In extreme weathers when it is snowing or raining and the temperature drops to subzero the cat houses that we buy should be those that are well insulated and heated because the cats like warmer climates more it is important that we make their house warm so that they sleep in them and not with the owners. In order to heat the cat house properly there, walls should be made thicker properly insulated so that temperature can be maintained another thing is that when cats go inside the cat house the door of the house can be closed this will maintain the temperature inside.

Another thing that can be added is a heating element this can be installed in the right places so that the cats don’t touch it and it works efficiently. There should be proper research on which heating element is the best and that won’t harm, electrocute, or burn the cat in any way. Warm mats are another thing that can be put inside the cat houses to make them warm most of the time they are included with the cat houses but there are better ones in the market too that make provide the ultimate comfort to the cats.

Best insulation for outdoor cat house

Outdoor cat houses need proper insulation and to do that we use multiple things the most common of them is the wheat straw this makes for the perfect bed for our fluffy friend. They can sleep easily on them and the thick walls of the cat house can keep them warm. Blankets and towels can also be used but straw is the best, sometimes people also use newspaper so that our furry friends can stay warm in their abode.

We hope that this will help you take care of your cats better!

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