07 Best Automatic Cat Feeders’ Buyer’s Guide

07 Best Automatic Cat Feeders’ Buyer’s Guide

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A cat is relatively a low-maintenance pet, but you still have to keep an eye on the diet routine and health of your cat. It is challenging for the pet parents to get time for their pets and maintain their mealtime routine. The cats must get their meal at the same time daily. The best solution to this problem is the automatic cat feeders that will give you a feeling of relaxation knowing that your cat will be fed on proper time even when you’re at work or busy outside.

Another benefit of buying an automatic cat feeder is that, if you have to go on a weekend trip and there is no one at home to take care of her, you can set up the cat’s feeder. It will automatically deliver the right amount of meal to your cat. The cat feeders are suitable for the health point of view as well. The cats are more prone to gain weight when their diet routine is not managed strictly. You should schedule pre-portioned meals for your Kittie.

The cat feeders can work best for this purpose as they give portioned feeding that your cat needs. When your cats stay healthy, you will be less likely to visit your vet, and in this way, your expenses will be decreased. We can say in short that Buying an automatic feeder for your cat is the best way to ensure proper meal times, even if you can’t be available to provide it.

Automatic cat feeders are designed to dispense a fixed amount of meal at a designated time, so you don’t have to spare time from your routine work. You can find the best cat feeder for your feline friend by studying their features, reading reviews, and diving into the pros and cons of each brand.

You will surely get an idea of the type, size, and quality of the cat feeder your cat requires. A right cat feeder will make you tension free as your cat will become used to it and get the appropriate amount of food at a regular time. In this article, we will discuss the description and features of the top ten best cat feeders briefly. This buyer’s guide is best for the homeowners who are planning to grab a suitable automatic cat feeder for their beloved pet.

Simple but helpful product

The healthy pet simply feed automatic feeder is a simple but unique product that gives you a stress-free way to feed your cat and simplify your life

 Accurate meal portion

This innovative conveyor dispenses the right amount of meal portions, thus maintaining your pet’s healthy feeding routine. It can hold up to 24 cups of dry or semi-moist cat food.

Multiple feed modes

1.Slow feed option

This option is for the cats who eat quickly. The cat feeder schedules the meal larger than 1/8 cup to slowly dispense over fifteen minutes.

2.Immediate feed option

This option gives a small snack to your cat during the day.

3.Pause feed option

It stops meals without disturbing the schedule


  • Keeps food fresh and secure
  • holds up to 24 cups of dry or semi-moist food
  • Portable
  • Anti-jam prevention
  • Pet-proof dispenser
  • Flexible portions


  • Easy to clean
  • Not much expensive
  • Best feeding unit for multiple cats
  • Easy to assemble


  • No, reset key

2.The Petsafe Smart Feed Automatic Pet Feeder Pfd00-15788

Wi-Fi-enabled feeder

Your Wi-Fi-enabled cat feeder connects to your home internet to work with your phone. You can give the command and monitor your pet’s feed anytime

 Battery backup

The optional battery backup feature ensures that your cat still receives the meal if Wi-Fi drops or there is an interrupted power supply. A hungry cat can be vigorous and irritating so, for preventing her from such situations, the battery backup supports well.

 Dishwasher friendly

All the parts of your smart feed pet feeder (bowl, lid, hopper bowl holder) are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning


  • 24 cups capacity
  • feed from your phone
  • Multiple feed options
  • Flexible portions


  • Guaranteed quality
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Work well with big kibbles
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to program


  • Battery time is not reliable

3.The SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Mpf001

Ideal for

This feeder is an ideal option for multi-pet households, thus prevent greedy pets from being fed more and become overweight. The feeder will only open for the right cats’ microchip to stop other pets from coming forward and taking extra food

Keeps pet separate during mealtime

Feeding multiple cats at the same time isn’t an easy job, but the Sure Feed Microchip feeder has resolved this problem by introducing a microchip system.

No more stealing

This fantastic microchip feeder only opens with a microchip or RFID collar tag that will prevent pets from stealing food from each other.


  • Controls pets’ weight
  • Great for pets on a prescription diet
  • Microchip-triggered feeder
  • Designed for multi-pet homes


  • Ideal for multiple households
  • airtight storage keeps food fresh and locked
  • Feeder’s hub and mobile app are easy to set up
  • Easy to clean
  • Three years warranty
  • accurately track portions


  • Connectivity isn’t perfect
  • Food can’t be sealed completely when not in use

4.WOPET 7l Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser

Adjustable portions

You can feed your cat up to 4 times a day by adjusting proportions in this feeder. It allows you to dispense anywhere from a minimal amount of two teaspoons to 4.5 cups dry food per feeding. You can also program a different portion size for each automatic feeding, allowing you to make regular eating routines without any stress.


Good capacity

The WOPET 7L pet feeder has a functional ability. It works with 3D size batteries and AC adapter. This feature is best when the wi-fi doesn’t work, and you don’t want your cat to stay hungry all day when you arent around.


Dual power supply

You can use a power adapter to charge three pieces of D batteries. You can use this feature when the power cuts off.


Infrared detection technology

The advance infrared detection technology prevents food from spilling and sticking in the holes of the dispenser



  • Two rotators small size rotator for small and medium-size pet and massive size rotator for medium and large size pets
  • Works when two keys pressed at the same time
  • Recording function present
  • Manual button for one-time feeding


  • Easy to clean
  • Multi-functional
  • Highly accurate function


  • According to a customer review:
  • Its tray is slick

5.Petsafe Healthy Pet Gravity Pet Food or Water Station Pfd17-11858

Perfect for any size pet

The PetSafe healthy pet gravity feeder is perfect for any size pet. It comes in two sizes, the small food station can hold 2 lbs of dry food, and the medium one can hold 4 lbs of dry food. 

 Hygienic tray

The dinner tray is easy to remove and easy to use. The cats eat dry, moist and semi-moist food, so if the feeder isn’t kept clean, it can be a source of bacterial growth and transmission.

Pet-proof hopper

The locking lid keeps the food fresh for a long time and prevents greedy pets from sneaking extra food

Top-shelf dishwasher safe

All components can come apart quickly, and top-shelf dishwashers are safe. They can easily be rearranged again when they get washed.


  • Time flexibility
  • Space-saving design
  • Good storage capacity


  • Leak Proof feeder
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Huge in size
  • Large container
  • The matching water station is also available


  • Automatic feeding problem
  • Rusting stainless steel bowl

6. Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser Apafnew2

Remote Control over Your Pet

If you are not at home, your ARF pet feeder gives you remote control over your pet’s food schedule. You will feel happy and satisfied by using this technology. You will get an idea if your cat has eaten well or not.

Easy-breezy cleanup

It is designed in a way that a quick and easy washing is possible every time. These type of feeders need regular washing to decrease the risk of infection to your cat.

Great for the entire pet family

This innovative feeder is fully customizable, so it’s perfect for small-sized young ones and significant sized adults. You can program the type and frequency of feed according to your pet’s need.


  • Customizable feeder
  • Technological ease
  • Safety magnetic lid
  • Blue light up LCD clock and display
  • Chew proof
  • Dishwasher-safe detachable tray
  • Voice recording


  • Easily adjustable setting
  • Easy to clean
  • Good portion size
  • Lock feature


Malfunctioning sometimes

7. Wagz Serve Smart Feeder Df000

Automatic feed

You can set a different feeding schedule from your smartphone and feed your cat anytime and from anywhere. This will give you a feeling of relaxation.

Video camera

Most of the feeders don’t have a good quality camera; thus, no clear picture of pet or pet food can be sent to your phone. But WAGS serve smart feeder has a good quality HD camera by which You can get HD photos and videos on your phone to see when your pet has fed.


The smart monitoring system of your Wagz automatic feeder detects when the level of food becomes low in the dispenser. It will automatically notify you or order pet food.


  • Built-in HD video camera
  • Alexa skill
  • Calorie control
  • Set Feeding schedule


  • Fantastic and useful product
  • Easy to use
  • Automatic recorder


  • Some customers don’t like its design

Frequently asked questions

1)   Who should buy an automatic cat feeder?

Automatic cat feeders are suited for those people who have to travel a lot and can’t take their pets with them. This innovative product will make sure that their pet is getting the right amount of fresh food at regular intervals. They are also best for the people who don’t want their cat to be over-weighed. We can say that the cat feeder will act as a weight-loss program. The people who are very busy in their work-life and can’t maintain check and balance over their feline companion’s diet must buy a cat feeder

2)   How do automatic cat feeders work?

An automatic cat feeder is a feeding product that is designed to set fixed portions of food for your cat at different times of the day. This appliance has an internal timer, so there is no need to set time on alarm clock or mobile. The food is stored in a seal-packed container so that it does not get spoiled, until the time you set. You can set the program according to your pets’ needs from a single serving daily to multiple meals. Many people like this modern tool as they take the hassle out of feeding special diets or have to feed their cats daily.

3)   What to look for in an automatic cat feeder?

Consider the size and strength of your pet. The amount of food dramatically depends on the size and physical strength of the cats

Food storage capacity. Always check the amount of food, a dispenser holds. It must contain a more significant amount of food so that you don’t need to refill it daily

How many pets do you have? If you have multiple pets who become aggressive during feeding, you must buy more than one feeder.

Ease of cleaning. As the automatic cat feeder holds the food for a long time, there are more chances of bacterial growth. It should be kept clean and dry which is possible when your cat feeder will be easy to clean


The selection of best automatic cat feeders highly depends on your budget, your cat’s convenience, and her nature. It is not necessary to buy a complicated multi-functional feeder all the time. Sometimes simple works best. Gravity feeders like PetSafe healthy pet gravity feeders are budget-friendly feeders. Similarly, PetSafe healthy pet automatic cat feeders are the best battery-operated feeders. If you are looking for a feeder having the best voice recorder, you should buy ARF pets’ automatic cat feeder.

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